Today 26 March 2023
Before 6:55 5, next 6 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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Moon in Aquarius for men and women в March 2023

Born under the lunar sign of Aquarius, they are kind-hearted and open-minded people, capable of intuitively feeling the needs and desires of those around them. They are affable and free-spirited, enjoy group activities, are friendly and intellectually sophisticated. Sometimes they are overly emotional, wish not to bind themselves with any obligations and insistence on freedom at all costs. Moon Aquarius, shows two sides of the character, on the one hand, this caring and compassionate person, always help and support. On the other hand often show individualism and undue interest in their problems and ideas.

Often, the Aquarius Moon intellectual from birth, have a practical mind and a great sense that helps in many tasks, both in business and in everyday life. In marriage, Aquarius Moon, does not bind itself to the conventional standard relationship, he lives not like everyone else. Outsiders such relationships can seem strange, but it builds family life on their rules.

Aquarians are very active and unpredictable, they love movement, constant change, travel.

Women with the Moon in Aquarius, unruly and stubborn, fickle and windy, she will not always want to obey a man. Once married, she is bound to have her own personal space, don't expect to know her secrets or hear her outpourings of the soul. Lunar Aquarius woman, friendly, but extremely emotional and eccentric, in the manifestation of feelings rather cold.

Man with Moon in Aquarius, good-natured and sympathetic, but often fickle and overly emotional. Aquarius man will not refuse to help you, provided that it does not interfere with his plans and does not limit his inner freedom. Once married, he will continue the former pleasant way of life. He chooses his mate seriously, standing firmly on her feet, perhaps unpredictable and stubborn, but standing out from the crowd with her views or hobbies.


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