Today 02 April 2023
Before 13:27 12, next 13 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase coming moon.
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Lunar calendar for the new moon

New moon.

If the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth, approximately on the same line with them, then such a period is usually called a new moon. At this time, the moon is not visible in the night sky.

During the new moon, the human body is relaxed, it is irritable and often exposed to illness. Things in business, trade are not going well, the number of traffic accidents is also increasing, more often than usual there are heart attacks, poisoning and other troubles.

The new moon has a particularly strong effect on men, they become more irritable and tense, nervous and aggressive. Hypertensive and hypotensive patients need to take care of their health at this time, and people prone to depression may experience an emotional decline. It is useful to take vitamins, preventive medicines during this period, as well as to give up alcohol, junk and junk food, and not to overwork. On the new moon, it is very good to conduct a therapeutic one-day fasting, it is during this period that the body is more effectively cleansed and removes substances harmful to it.

Ancient Tibetan astrologers, on the new moon, did not advise to have a haircut, they believed that a haircut during this period shortens life.

On the new moon, it is not recommended to sign important documents, conclude deals, perform heavy physical work, abuse alcohol or drive for a long time. Astrologers also advise not to take risks, not to go on business trips and not to succumb to offers that seem adventurous to you.

However, the new moon is an excellent period for giving up bad habits, you can quit smoking or quitting alcohol, the energy of the new moon will support you in this. The positive influence of the Moon, your energy and willpower, will provide an opportunity to change your lifestyle for the better.

During the period of the emerging moon, it is good to make plans, plan travel or repairs. The training begun during this period will bring good results. A good time to pay attention to your health, do meditation or yoga.

The new moon is a great time to attract love and form long-term relationships. It is good to conduct rituals for establishing family life, attracting money that will allow you to increase your income with the growth of the moon.

At this time, you can think about your career growth, for the best effect and attract positive monetary energy, write down your plans and actions in a notebook. You can also buy a new piggy bank, wallet or plant a money tree, conduct simple money rituals.

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