Today 24 March 2023
Before 6:10 3, next 4 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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Moon in first quarter

The first quarter of the Moon, this is the turning point of the lunar cycle. It is an intense, active and ambitious time. The first phase of the Moon is characterised by an eagerness to progress, a surge of forward momentum, energy and enthusiasm. This does not rule out problems, sharp situations and conflicts that arise for adults and children alike. This period is particularly perilous to health, with chronic illnesses, road traffic accidents and the temptation to embezzle money.

The first quarter of the lunar cycle, excellent for strenuous hard work, solving difficult problems, also there is no need to shy away from unpleasant meetings and conversations. This is a time for action, not observation and contemplation.

This is an energetically very strong period that allows one to get a lot done and one is full of strength and energy. During the first quarter of the Moon, you should tune in to a positive mood and be active as it is the time when the events of the next month will start to unfold.

During the first quarter of the lunar cycle, it is not recommended to sort things out, to show aggression and anger. Astrologers advise to be gentle and diplomatic, to restrain negativity. The energy of this period is very high and words have tremendous power, therefore phrases spoken in a fit of temper can lead to misfortune.

In business and work, you should show persistence and firmness, don't be a slave, take the situation in your own hands and act proactively, solve the most difficult problems.

People involved in commerce will be lucky in this period, they may have new prospects that will help the further successful development of affairs. But those involved in business and finance must be cautious, it is not the most appropriate period to deal with money matters.

It is very useful to engage in low-intensity physical work, go to the sauna and take time for your health. You can go out into nature, cleanse the body, saturate it with oxygen, which will greatly improve your well-being. Aikido and other martial arts classes are also good times.

During the first quarter of the lunar cycle, astrologers do not recommend getting married; family life will be restless and unpredictable.

As this is a time of action, dedicate yourself fully to your favorite cause, the time of dreams is over, it's time to get down to business. It's a good time to deal with conflict situations.

In the first half of the day be cautious when dealing with people, unpleasant situations may arise.

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