Today 24 March 2023
Before 6:10 3, next 4 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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Full moon

After the end of the first quarter, the Moon continues to rise and there comes a period when it will be fully illuminated. This lunar phase is the full moon.

During the period of full moon, everything is saturated with lunar energy, emotions run high and life is in full swing. Full Moon is a very auspicious period for creativity, that is why poets, artists, art people, create their best works. Full moon is a period of cardinal change. Time is very active, but people with an unstable psyche, as well as those prone to overexcitation, suffering from insomnia, rather hard to carry it, they have anxiety and worry. Nervous disorders worsen, sleepwalking escalates, the number of accidents increases and poisonings occur more frequently than usual.

All processes in the human body reach their limit, people prone to hypertension or suffering from excess of any functions should be careful at this time.

Bacteria are too active at this time, so it is not recommended to sauerkraut, it will be soft, but to make moonshine or carry out some activities related to fermentation, it is the right time.

It is characterised by openness and emotional outbursts and is a period of understanding and closure of relationships.

During the Full Moon, the Moon is fully released from the influence of the Sun, it reaches its maximum, and it is during this time that brilliant ideas are born, relationships become clear, and the events of the first half of the lunar month bear fruit.  

It is also believed to be the time for poets and madmen, werewolves and fortune-tellers. The energy of a full moon must be used properly; it will help you to gain love and wisdom, and to make an objective assessment of the world around you. A full moon is a time when we are overwhelmed with accumulated energy, it is unmanageable and tears us apart, it is time to spend it.

During a full moon, medications are absorbed by 100%, but not only drugs, alcohol and drugs are also absorbed.

It is not recommended to perform any surgery, dancing, jumping and active energy loss during full moon. There is no need to make large purchases during the full moon, you may spend money in vain. Moving during this period may be unsuccessful, the exception being moving to another country or city. Travel is not advised, as it could be risky and dangerous.

The time of a full moon is ideal for new ideas, unusual projects and PR. New businesses should not be started, they will be unpredictable and chaotic.

During this period there is no need to lend money or take out loans, repayment will be very problematic. It is advisable to refrain from risky money transactions.

Astrologers advise not to be irascible, to quarrel, to quarrel, to take cardinally important decisions, and also to be lazy and passive.

As the body receives an enormous amount of energy, it should be directed towards creativity, progress or useful work.

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