Today 02 April 2023
Before 13:27 12, next 13 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase coming moon.
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Waxing moon

The staying, young or growing Moon is the period of time from the new moon to the full moon. The moon is growing noticeably, it is clearly visible in the evening sky.

At this time, more pleasant events are expected, you can start new projects, sign contracts, implement new plans, and recruit staff for work.

Astrologers say that this is the time when the Moon accumulates its vital energy, gains strength, and also protects all living beings.

The time when the moon arrives is a period of responsible decisions and changes, if you decide to change something in your life, then this time has come. The time of the growing moon is favorable for starting some kind of business, for reorganizing already started projects, establishing new connections, active work in the field of trade.

A good period to rise to a new level of accomplishment, as well as discuss important events that will change your life for the better. A wedding, the birth of children during this period can only be planned.

The time of the growing moon is favorable for new acquaintances, people make contact easier, they seem to each other more attractive. However, one should not forget that representatives of both sexes are very vulnerable and touchy at this time, so rude jokes and barbs can lead to a break. At this time, quarrels often occur because of the desire to prove their superiority over a partner.

All procedures and activities to strengthen the body are not only favorable during this period, but also doubly effective. To fill the lack of vitamins and minerals, cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances, massages, all this will work very effectively with a young moon.

It is believed that human immunity during this period is weakened, it is harder to endure stress, ailments, wounds. With the increase of the Moon, the probability of a successful outcome of operations or treatment of wounds decreases markedly, scars may remain. Very complex consequences occur after insect bites or mushroom poisoning.

With the growing moon, the body absorbs food as much as possible, so there is a high probability of gaining extra pounds, you should choose light and healthy food, eat more greens and vegetables. Everything that grows underground is not recommended, give preference to the fruits and sprouts of crops that grow above the Earth. Switching to diets is undesirable with the growing moon, but astrologers highly recommend doing fitness or sports.

During the period of the young moon, it is good to cut hair and nails, fill teeth, but it is better to remove them during the waning moon.


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