Today 24 March 2023
Before 6:10 3, next 4 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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The last quarter of the moon

During the fourth phase of the lunar cycle, the Moon is visible as a thin, barely visible sickle. During the last fourth phase of the Moon, plant and animal activity begins to decline as all life prepares for the new moon. Humans are also particularly affected by this phase. The activity and physical strength of our bodies begins to decrease, but you may be exposed to unknown truths that you have not been able to grasp for a long time. Intelligent thoughts may come to you, your outlook may change dramatically and you may become more sensitive. Mood swings and emotions are constantly shifting and you might be either moody and depressed or overly active.

The last phase of the Moon, is an active and restless period, unstable and emotional, similar to the first quarter phase of the lunar cycle. One tends to be overly fidgety, afraid of not having enough time to do something, and there are often arguments over nothing. People with chronic illnesses endure this period very severely, and headaches and nervous disorders occur.

This is a time for serious evaluation of the past lunar period, to check the efficiency of energy and financial expenditure, to remember one's obligations and pay one's debts. If the past period was effective, the last quarter of the lunar cycle may be a period of reward, otherwise you may be disappointed and meet unpleasant people.

Astrologers advise you to be more tolerant of your loved ones during the last quarter of the moon, not to provoke conflicts, avoid arguments, not to make new acquaintances and refrain from temptation. Don't be too restless, it's a period when the body slips into a drowsy state. Try not to start any new business, as you will become distracted and your concentration will be reduced.

The last phase of the lunar cycle is better to dedicate to summary, to postpone unfinished business till the new moon. Analyze your mistakes and actions, finish the unfinished business as soon as possible and disperse your attention to trifles, complete only the most important business. The last phase of the moon, is good for getting rid of everything unnecessary and old.

It is not advisable to sign new contracts and start important business, investing during this period multiplies the risk of a bad investment. It is very good to donate some amount to charity, this may help in the future, both spiritually and financially.

Plan new projects which can be implemented after the new moon.  Remember that during this period it is very easy to get depressed, but it is much harder to get out of it.


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