Today 02 April 2023
Before 13:27 12, next 13 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase coming moon.
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Moon in Taurus for men and women в April 2023

In Taurus, the Moon shows its best qualities, Taurus is reliable, stable, has a huge loving heart and good artistic taste. Taurus carefully thinks through all its decisions, never succumb to short-term infatuation, always confident in his rightness, and to change his mind in the opposite, rather difficult. The Moon in Taurus gives him a positive approach to life, to a certain extent, he is a material possessor, accumulator of earthly values. Emotional problems are less peculiar to it than other lunar signs.  Practicality and responsibility, romanticism, and love of the comfortable life, good manners, and elegance are characteristic of Taurus the Moon. It is very important for Taurus to surround themselves with beautiful things, cosy surroundings, peace and quiet. Noisy entertaining events are not for him, except for a candlelit evening with good food and quiet music.

In love, Taurus are constant, finding a soul mate, they will enjoy the family idyll and do not look for adventure on the side. Their desire for a long harmonious relationship, makes their partner truly happy, give them care and warmth. Lunar Taurus, an excellent family man, a good farmer and gardener. They are people who are attached to the land and nature.

The Moon Taurus tends to have many friends, attracted by its loyalty, diplomacy and sensitivity to people. However, a Moon Taurus is also characterized by stubbornness and mistrust, a fear of change, and jealousy.

A woman's Moon in Taurus is rather favourable to her health, attractiveness, beauty and elegance. At the same time, her desire for luxury and comfort, her source of confidence, monetary savings and material possessions enhance her. Aspiring to stability, she will surround herself with beautiful and well-made things. She is characterised by stubbornness and a desire to dominate everything. However, in any situation, she is calm and balanced, careful and cautious. She is hard to lose her temper, but when the situation gets out of hand, she quickly loses her sense of calm and poise.

A woman with a Moon in Taurus, needs a reliable partner and a peaceful environment. This is the perfect hostess, made for home and family. The Moon has endowed these young ladies with practicality and good taste, with the beloved paradise in a shack is not for her. For a woman with Moon in Taurus, stability and peace are of prime importance, she rarely goes for conflicts and quarrels, and in general, it is the ideal of an exemplary wife and mother.

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