Today 24 March 2023
Before 6:10 3, next 4 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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Moon in Sagittarius for men and women в March 2023

People with Moon in Sagittarius, ambitious optimists, outspoken and pure in their motives. The Moon has endowed them with creativity, generosity and generosity. Lunar Sagittarius has a deep mind, is passionate about sports and often excels in many sports.  Lunar Sagittarius is hard to pin down in one place, he is in constant motion, he lives by his own rules, and no one will be able to impose their will on him.

Moon in Sagittarius has a great passion for freedom, and even when confronted with adversity, it is rare for them to be discouraged or give up.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, there is almost no negative influence of other planets, so noble, good-hearted and humane persons are born in this period. However, it should be noted that even at a more mature age, there is a childlike naivety and spontaneity.

Sagittarius bribes with its lightness and openness and quickly draws people in. They are constantly carried away, some ideas, endlessly making plans, but not always bring them to life. Perseverance and consistency is not their lot, so often begin any business, rarely bring it to the end. Lunar Sagittarius, hot-tempered and impulsive, when inflamed by a certain idea, does not find the patience and stamina for its implementation. Often the inability to assess one's strengths and rationally approach the matter, irritates Sagittarius, leads to nervous breakdowns and depressions.

A sense of his own superiority and importance, makes the Moon Sagittarius constantly change jobs or places of residence, and straightforwardness and an acute sense of justice, cause certain problems in society.

Moon Sagittarius people love the outdoors and tend to have pets, in particular horses. This passion manifests itself from an early age, and there may be a variety of animals in their home, from cats and dogs, to hamsters and turtles.

Waste and generosity, often prevent them in life, to keep the material goods to such people are very difficult, although they do achieve a certain position.

The desire for freedom, does not give them the opportunity to establish a long and harmonious relationship. Lunar Sagittarius is not attached to one person for a long time, often disappointed and over the course of life, can get into dozens of novels.

Astrologers advise Sagittarians to be more attentive to their surroundings and pay attention to the people who are close and important in their lives.

A man with a Moon in Sagittarius is not known for the stability of feelings and relationships. Such personalities find it difficult to find their soulmate and to live with them for many years. The unwillingness to readjust to the created circumstances, often creates problems in family life and does not allow Sagittarius to realize itself. Lunar Sagittarius man, consciously follows his ideas and dreams and takes great pleasure in doing so.

Men with Moon in Sagittarius are lovers of change, travel and new experiences, constantly seeking novelty. These guys choose an intellectually advanced woman who will not limit his freedom. People with Moon in Sagittarius, great friends, but totally unsuitable for marriage and family.

A woman with Moon in Sagittarius, a sincere and open-minded person, a real adventurer. Her constant restlessness and carelessness, emotionality and hot temper create problems for her in life. In the family, she resembles a police siren, decides everything in an elevated tone, but as a mother, she is very caring and reverent.

Moon woman Sagittarius, loves extreme sports, is constantly in the thick of things, you definitely can not get bored with her. Such ladies have the gift of foresight, they have a well-developed intuition.

People with Moon in Sagittarius excel in such fields as medicine and law, research and astrology.

She reserves the right to enjoy the intellectual discoveries of her creative mind and express love with Sagittarian fervour. As a mother, the Moon in Sagittarius resembles a police siren. On the highest notes, she unleashes a torrent of emotion and fervent affection on her children, speeds up the pace of their lives, engages in boisterous games, bicycle races, calls them to discipline in a major way, and dispenses with threats and punishments. Children are her favourites and remain so throughout their lives. She respects them as individuals.

How does the Moon in Sagittarius reveal its presence in a woman? This open and sincere person is a true adventurer! Unfortunately, her sense of self-worth is not very high... The overstretch characteristic of the sign of Sagittarius becomes the woman's main problem here. All new ideas arising in her head, she seeks to implement, but to avoid problems, it is necessary to maintain a sense of proportion. And everything unusual attracts her, she is restless and imprudent.

The Moon enhances Sagittarius' desire for independence, and therefore a woman with this horoscope will be adamant about many things. Her exuberant love of life guarantees her variety and lack of boredom. She often takes great pleasure in extreme sports. Regarding finances, the bearer of this natal chart often resorts to bold decisions: having a forward-thinking attitude, she can easily invest in dangerous ventures, etc. The reverent soul of the Moon woman is always searching for a place that she feels is better than the one she has here. She can travel halfway around the world before she understands where she really lives better.

Moon in Sagittarius is optimistic, open-minded, sometimes naive and not always aware of the obvious differences between people: they react to others as if they were part of themselves. They love to do things in company, and are as friendly as children. Have a powerful gift of foresight and are easily inspired. The Moon in Sagittarius in a woman's life makes her frantic, as if she is constantly looking for something, feeling acute deficiency. This woman's senses are more developed than others and therefore her judgement is always correct. Nevertheless, she should learn to think about what she says before she says it.

She hates confusion and rejects anything unnecessary. When she is bothered by a problem, it sits in her mind all the time. Her body and mind are not too restless, so she needs regular physical and mental exercise. She is noted for her good occult and psychic abilities. She is more sensitive than she seems at first. This manifests itself in windy and frivolous behaviour. She is by nature a preacher and teacher with talents and inclinations for philosophy, religion, music and poetry.

"Lunar" Sagittarius woman is happy to help those around her. She always strives for freedom, and therefore can be quite careless. She should develop discretion and tact. She is an energetic enthusiast for whom the search for inner individuality becomes a source of immeasurable pleasure. If she manages to find time to meditate, and manages to connect with her own higher self, she will discover solutions to all problems and incredible secrets of life.

Her burning love of life is so strong that even in the most difficult times, she does not fall into the abyss of despair. Psychoanalysis and introspection are what these young ladies need. Their most amazing ability is the ability to pull themselves together and start from scratch after a collapse (even if it's not their fault). A negative outcome is also important to them as an experience. In personal relationships, friendship and equality are paramount to this young lady.

A woman with Moon in Sagittarius is straightforward and rude, acting without much thought. She will never be satisfied with a relationship or marriage if her individuality is at least indirectly suppressed. This woman's Moon in Sagittarius will not make her a very good hostess, but she won't nag her in-laws or spouse about the little things like dirty dishes, unattended laundry or chaos in the hallway. On the contrary, she will always try to bring optimism into the lives of her loved ones.

The main thing for her is that everything in the family should be fair and right in general terms, according to the principle: "Everything should be like a human being". Her child should be well-bred and behave accordingly, so that she would not be ashamed in front of people. It is worth noting that she has a certain flair and talent for raising a child. No one can explain to children what to do and how to do it in such a clear and simple way.

Although she has no deep affection for anyone, she is always in a good mood. She is friendly, cheerful and bursting with desire to be faithful to her lover. However, the Moon in Sagittarius also contributes to her thirst for novelty. As a rule, she is devoted to her partner and experiences new sensations in other areas of life.


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