Today 26 March 2023
Before 6:55 5, next 6 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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Moon in Scorpio for men and women в March 2023

People with a Moon in Scorpio have a very difficult time in life. The strong and tough Scorpio, is in constant conflict with the soft and calm Moon. This planetary arrangement gives Scorpio an unstable and explosive character. Often the outwardly restrained and calm Lunar Scorpio, becomes unpredictably dangerous because of some little thing.

However, people with Moon in Scorpio are very responsible, discreet and collected, they are not used to throw words to the wind and always keep their promises. In extreme situations, Scorpio can be as focused as possible and make the best possible decision. The same conflicted configuration of planets gives Scorpio Moon a dual nature. On the one hand, they are strong-willed and rational individuals, but if the cup of their patience is full, then Scorpio is able to ruthlessly unleash all the aggression that has accumulated over time.

At the same time, Scorpio Moon is loved for its ability to come to the rescue at any time, and natural charm. People with a Moon in Scorpio, observant and have an excellent memory, a persistent and tenacious personality, who are used to achieve all of life by their work.

Scorpios attract the opposite sex by their natural magnetism, inexhaustible optimism and sociability.

Moon Scorpio, a good administrator and manager, the work for them a great opportunity to express themselves. It is always a responsible and professional worker who makes high demands in all endeavours.

Men with Moon in Scorpio, has a complex character, his constant desire to dominate, creates problems, both in work and family life. Astrologers advise Scorpios to overcome excessive emotionality, unbridled jealousy, and resentfulness.

Life partner, moon Scorpio, as a rule, chooses malleable and balanced, which will be able to give him the reins in all spheres of family life. What would the married life was more harmonious and calm, she needs to learn to understand his difficult character and not to limit the freedom. In return, he is able to give boundless love and care. Lunar Scorpio is not a supporter of fleeting ties, if he carefully chooses a partner, then for many years.

The Moon in Scorpio in women, endows it with the desire for personal freedom, responsibility and determination. Such ladies do not want to be bossed around, which creates certain problems in family life. She aspires to be equal to a man in everything. Calm and measured life is not for her, boiling passions and emotions, she needs to splash out, no matter what damage to their health. These young ladies are risky and tenacious, tenacious and stubborn, if they are up to something, it's very hard to change their minds. Such women do well in medicine, politics, biology, the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, and psychiatry.

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