Today 06 June 2023
Before 22:11 18, next 19 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase waning moon.
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Moon in Pisces for men and women в June 2023

A Moon Pisces, impressionable and sensitive, often romantic and sensual, is able to feel love and compassion for those close to her. Moon Pisces has an inherent depth of feeling, dreaminess, as well as an innate sense of understanding the condition of her loved one. However, the Moon has not only endowed it with positive qualities, the Moon Pisces has a reticent, indecisive, unstable character and is often quite lazy.

The Moon in Pisces strengthens its intellectual side and creativity, love of art and beauty. Lunar Pisces often shows itself in creative professions, music, literature, or acting.

Often, Moon Pisces perceive the world around them not by reason but by emotion, and are endowed with excellent intuition, becoming clairvoyants or mediums.

Their Moon in Pisces bestows upon them a fickle personality in love and friendship, and they may have a successful marriage if their partner allows them to overlook their frequent mood swings and daydreams. Pisces are very gentle and compliant creatures, they seek comfort and tranquility, harmony and guardianship.

The Moon in Pisces in men, gives them not quite masculine qualities, such as resentfulness, sentimentality, vulnerability and romanticism. Such men have quite a hard time in life, but they understand their mate very well and easily build relationships with women. Creative and mysterious characters with a strong character are suitable for them to live together. Moon man, should be careful with alcohol, drugs or gambling, he can be easily ruined by such hobbies.

Women with Moon in Pisces, caring and attentive, will always be supportive and comforting, only their efforts are not practical; they are too emotional for that. Astrologers advise Moon Pisces to control their emotions in order to avoid nervous breakdowns. Often these individuals are drawn to various highly spiritual, romantic and mysterious cultures.


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