Today 24 March 2023
Before 6:10 3, next 4 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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Lunar Leo in men and women в March 2023

The Moon in Leo, bestows attractiveness, charm, warmth and nobility. These people adore pomp, flattery and admiration, and always need to be at the centre of the universe. In addition, the Moon Leo must command, hates criticism in his address and will not tolerate indifference to his majestic person.

These are people who can present themselves beautifully, they are vain and painfully touchy. Astrologers believe that excessive pride and self-confidence often spoil the straightforward and kind Leo, in particular it prevents him from making true friends and having a reliable life partner, but having true and sincere feelings, Leo is constant and stable in his affections.

The Moon Leo is extremely self-assured and independent, rarely forgiving of hurt or humiliation. They are often self-sufficient and self-centred, and love parties and celebrations of all kinds. The opinion of others about their prestige and success is very important to them. Lions are inexhaustible optimists and their positive attitude towards others, is expressed through their generous help and compassion.

The Moon endowed Leo is not only generous and benevolent, it also has qualities such as openness, responsibility and a negative attitude towards falsehoods and lies. The Moon Leo will not tolerate hypocrisy and deception in a relationship, often their loyalty and openness creates problems in relationships with the opposite sex.

It is not uncommon to find Moon Leo representatives in politics, as they are good orators and demagogues. They can easily win the attention and love of the listener and have the gift of persuasion.

The Moon in Leo makes a man confident and persistent, a warm-hearted and cheerful person. In the forefront of these personalities is the concern for the family, its welfare and prosperity. The Moon Leo is a man who is a loyal family man and a loving father. Absolute family happiness for them is ensuring decent, even luxurious living conditions. The appearance of his companion and her virtues are very important to the Moon Leo man. He will not tolerate a scruffy or vulgar girlfriend near him, the woman must conform to his image and ideals.

A woman with the Moon in Leo is a very noble and self-confident person. The partner she will choose in accordance with herself, faithful and sincere. In family life, she is a wonderful mother and loving wife. With children she is moderately strict and demanding, constantly taking part in their personal life. These ladies are independent and constant in their opinions, knowing their exclusivity and uniqueness, they love to be in the spotlight. Women with the Moon in Leo, well aware of their worth, tend to surround themselves with beautiful and luxurious things. Such a young lady is always on the lookout for all the latest fashions, theatrical performances and works of art.


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