Today 26 March 2023
Before 6:55 5, next 6 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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Moon in Capricorn for men and women в March 2023

Astrologers say that Capricorn is one of the unfavourable zodiac signs for the Moon. When the Moon is in this earth element, it is distrustful, serious and reserved, not available and not friendly. The Moon encounters coldness and asceticism instead of the usual coziness and warmth. Capricorn is considered a feminine sign, so it displays some of the qualities associated with the Moon: caution, industriousness, politeness.

Capricorn Moon people don't display violent emotions and feelings, they are rather reserved and are guided by reason rather than feelings, it is always difficult to understand how this person feels. They adapt to change with difficulty, but are also cautious, disciplined and prudent. In the behavior they are always guided by a clearly defined plan of action, in everyday life are practical and economical. With their surroundings people are polite and tactful, but at the same time, indecisive and easily addicted to the more active individuals. Astrologers advise people with the Moon in Capricorn to share their feelings, otherwise accumulated resentments may manifest themselves in depression or nervous disorders. A distinctive feature of these people is their keen sense of duty to one's family and friends as well as the desire to follow strict plans and set routines for eating, working and resting.

Men with the Moon in Capricorn, find it difficult to establish relationships with the opposite sex, and are often disappointed in love. They are used to building family relationships based on parental experience, often in such unions there is a relationship where one takes responsibility for everything that happens, and the other takes care of himself and follows instructions.

A woman with Moon in Capricorn, is practical, endowed with business acumen, goal-oriented and focused on success. Don't expect culinary masterpieces from her, she's quicker to distribute household chores among family members and carve out time for leisure or an outing with the children.

In order to attract the sometimes seemingly unsociable Capricorn, create an atmosphere of stability and comfort with confidence in the future.        

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