Today 24 March 2023
Before 6:10 3, next 4 lunar calendar day. Moon in Aries. Moon is in phase young moon.
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Moon in Gemini for men and women в March 2023

The Moon in Gemini, endows the wearer with a wealth of sensations, quick reactions, dynamism and optimism. They are nervous and restless people, fidgety and prone to perpetual wandering and travelling. Their inconstancy and fidgetiness is also manifested in their simultaneous work on several cases or ideas. Their emotions often take precedence over their intellect, but with favourable aspects to the Moon, they cannot cope badly with difficulties. In addition, the Moon gives them curiosity, creative talents, erudition and quick learning ability. Moon Gemini seeks change, seeks out new experiences and emotions, and has a penchant for fantasy and creative flair.

Moon Gemini cannot be described as sentimental or overly emotional, but these individuals often fail to make sense of their own deeper issues. In life, they often avoid doing difficult things that require an emotional investment. They are extremely cautious in their actions and will not burden themselves with unnecessary responsibility. A Moon sign with a tendency to never stop talking and needs a listener, but it is very difficult to establish communication with a person who is silent.

The Moon in this sign, exacerbate the lack of internal core, comfort or distract the Gemini in a difficult time, you can entertain, the theatre, cinema. Ideally, Moon Gemini can study astrology, languages, in any case, this kind of activity that does not require perseverance and consistency.

Astrologers advise people born under the sign of Gemini to pay more attention to their desires and feelings. Constant fuss and irritation can undermine their health, the constant pursuit of new emotions do not give the opportunity to concentrate on something really important. For a Moon Gemini, organization and discipline, modesty and shyness are qualities they do not understand. They are open, sociable, attracted to friends, constantly aware of everything and feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable when alone, especially if they need to express their grievances. Being or working in isolation is highly contraindicated to these people, as it can lead to nervous breakdown and depression.

The Moon in Gemini in men, gives them impermanence and a love of freedom. It takes a very long time for such personalities to establish a permanent, strong relationship. The inner desire for freedom, the constant search for fun and free relations, allows him to live without obligations and any restrictions. Such people are extremely rare to get married, to be tied to a stamp in the passport, it's not for him. A Gemini man, if he chooses a life partner, is sure to be fun and interesting, easy and exciting, a woman with whom he will not be bored.

The Moon in Gemini in women is cunning and lightness, an explosion of emotions and activity of character, attractiveness and grace. She is fidgety and windy, constantly busy, but it is not her rule to burden herself with worldly minutiae. She is a kind and dreamy person, always ready to help, will be happy to be friends with all relatives and friends of her husband, as her goal is always to be at the centre of the universe. As a mother, she is not too demanding and responsible, she would rather be a great friend and wise counselor than a caring mother.



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