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Dreams about money transfers


There are many omens about dreams that promise wealth: stepping in faeces, seeing insects in your hair, seeing bees flying... But what if you dream about money itself? How should you interpret it?

Distinguishing dreams from obsessions

Before we begin, not all images are harbingers of change. The fact is that sometimes we see things that we are obsessed with.

For example, a hopelessly in love only in a dream can be with the object of his passion - and the subconscious helpfully comes to his aid. And if you are trapped in debt, or tired of poverty, or every day thinking only of how to get rich, notes and coins will dream you almost every night.

Only those images and situations that came to you without an explainable reason are suitable for interpretation. Even better, if the dream seems to you strange, absurd and does not go out of your head. The likelihood of its meaning is greatly increased.

What does a dream in which...

Paper notes - This indicates important news from a trusted person, a friend. Good news from a relative is also likely.

Coins - change brings quarrels, squabbles and bickering. Seeing coins in a mug for a beggar means unavoidable conflicts and taking up arms. Be very careful in reality, communicate only with those who are loyal to you.

Very large sums of money - change around you. You won't be able to influence them, but you'll see how your life is getting better and there are more reasons to be happy.

Tearing up money in a dream is a big financial loss. These will arise from risky transactions (such as the lottery) or bankruptcy. It is worth checking the reliability of the financial institution where you keep your savings.

Receive a money transfer - depends on who is dreaming. If the money transfer is meant for a woman, it means the birth of a child. For a man, receiving funds through a payment service can mean the successful conclusion of a trial.4a42a38a09a2.jpg

Fake money in a dream is an unmistakable indication of a liar in your immediate environment. Most likely, the background of the vision will tell you exactly who is manipulating and misleading you. If the image came to you that all the money in your wallet was counterfeit, then you yourself are facing accusations of lying and loss of reputation.

A bundle of money, especially one tied with a ribbon, represents an expensive gift for no reason. It may also mean acquisitions of all kinds.

Giving away money in a dream is a good omen. It refers to events that cement friendships. If you have the technique of conscious dreaming, take a closer look at who you are giving the amount to. That person is your most trustworthy and loyal companion.

Stealing money is a sign of revenge and aggression. If you see yourself stealing cash, avoid conversations in the days following the dream. Ideally, if you reduce communication altogether for a period of time. Because even one awkwardly spoken word will make your interlocutor furious.

Borrowing money from a friend is for quarrels and tedious worries. Taking out a loan, on the other hand, means signing a contract or an agreement that will limit your freedom. Often men dream about credit on the eve of a wedding.

Finding a wallet in a dream, especially one with a large sum of money - to increase your status. A very good sign for those who are under investigation - promises release and full acquittal.

To receive your salary not in money, but in jewels (or to wear a gold crown) - the appearance of new prospects, big changes in life.


How to make a dream come true

There are a few rules to help fulfil what you see.

  1. Take note of what you dreamt. From time to time, recall your dream, paying attention to details. It is very good to keep a dream journal: write them down in a notebook and read them to yourself.
  2. When you wake up after a vivid dream and wishing to keep it and fulfill it, say without getting up from bed: what came to me in a dream, and I will stay with me.
  3. If you want to have a dream, you must do it on your own. If you have a problem with the dream, you will have a problem with the dream. Reading other people's interpretations can destroy that aura.
  4. If you want what you see to come true, don't tell anyone about it.
  5. Remove the talisman from the dream. For example, you saw some object that you can save (ribbon, piece of paper, button, brooch, etc.). So do this: save this artifact and return to it from time to time. Several talismans are able to work in unison and to attract good in your life.

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